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Member Benefits

All CAP members may take advantage of a variety of member discounts and affinity programs including: rental car discounts, insurance, pilot merchandise and more.  No member dues or other funds are used to procure benefits to CAP members. 

All of the benefits listed here have been reviewed and approved by CAP NHQ leadership and CAP has entered into an official agreement with each one.  Occasionally, at the store manager’s discretion, local businesses may extend discounts to CAP members, but  CAP does not have any official relationship with these businesses.  Because CAP doesn't have any agreement with these businesses, we do not track or post information about these discounts as they may or may not be offered at your location.

The discounts and offers available may or may not be the best value you can find at the time.   While we try to procure meaningful discounts for the membership, CAP often doesn’t have the purchasing power in member numbers to negotiate the best discounts available.  Many member associations will use member dues income to “buy into” member discount programs that typically offer better discounts and deals, but CAP will not use corporate funds for this purpose.